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Panic- A Half-Way Point Review

Panic Poster
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“In the forgotten town of Carp, Texas, Panic is the only way out. Every summer the graduating seniors risk their lives competing in a series of challenges for the chance to win life-changing money. After the death of two players the stakes – and danger—have never been higher. This summer twenty-three players will enter the game. All of them will be changed. Only one will win. Let the games begin.”

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Initial Thoughts and Discoveries

After watching the trailer for this show, I figured I would give it a try. It reminded me of another movie that had a very similar plot surrounding dares: Nerve. Given the similarity I knew was bound to arise, I wondered if the show would be unique enough to hold my attention. I also found out that this show is based on a book by the same name. The author worked closely with the production team for the TV show. Which could be interesting to anyone who has read the book to see how similar the two are.


So far: 7/10

Allow me to briefly explain my personal rating system for TV shows. First, I consider if this is a show that I want to watch with my full attention or if it is one that I pay only some attention to and not miss anything. This show does not require your full attention, which some may see as a positive aspect or negative.

Personally, I watch it while completing other small tasks and am still able to keep up with the story. I think part of the reason this is is that the layout of the episodes is a bit repetitive. Nearly every episode ends on a cliffhanger, leading the beginning of the next episode to resolve it, then there is some character/plot building and then the next challenge is revealed.

Another aspect of my rating system is if there is something about the show that makes me want to continue to watch it. In this case, it is the mystery and character building that grows more with each episode. Those two things alone are enough to keep me invested in the show.

Another aspect of my rating scale for TV shows is if I plan to continue to finish the series. For this show, I do plan to continue watching it. I want to see if it ends on a cliffhanger like the first few episodes have.

Inspiration Take Away

The inspiration I have taken away from this show is that a plot may be common, but character depth can keep an audience hooked.

This is the exact reason I am still watching the show. The plot itself may remind viewers of other shows and movies, but by adding some new details and interesting characters an old plot can take on a whole new twist.

Consider the idea that all movies and TV shows being made are simply the same old story with new characters. While this may hold some truth, isn’t it the characters that drive the story and drive the audience to care about the story? Maybe we shouldn’t be afraid to tell the same old stories. As long as we bring new characters who bring new perspectives along and that is what changes the story.