Ashe’s Debut Album- Ashlyn Review

Photo Credit: Ashe Spotify

Must Listen from Ashlyn

Initial Thoughts

The first thing I thought of after listening to this album all the way through was that it was gorgeously sad. Almost every song had lyrics that had a more melancholy feel backed by beautiful music. Some of that music matched the lyrics while others created a contrast pairing sad lyrics with more upbeat instrumentals.


Full Album: 8/10

The album focuses a lot on relationships. Some of those relationships are romantic and others seem more internal like struggles that people experience individually. However, many of the songs are broad enough in their lyrics that everyone could make their own connections to the song based on their own experiences.

For example, one of the songs on the album is called “Kansas” and since I’ve grown up in Kansas I was very excited to listen to it. My standards were pretty low I was just hoping there wouldn’t be any “Wizard of Oz” references included. The song could be open to a wide variety of interpretations based on the lyrics. Throughout the song, there is a sense of running towards something while trying to escape something else. Or at least that’s the vibe I got from the song. To me, that sums up the love-hate relationship I have with Kansas and growing up there.

“Kansas” isn’t the only song on the album that has lyrics that could apply to many different situations from romantic to platonic feelings or personal struggles. That effect that the songs have nearly guarantees that everyone will find at least one song that resonates with them in some way.

Inspiration Take Away

Most art forms are left open for interpretation. Even if an artist creates a piece with a specific message in mind, people who view it are going to interpret the message based on their own perspectives. In some cases, like art galleries, it is easier for artists to say exactly what they wanted the work to mean or represent. However, in other cases like songs it can be more difficult to do that.

But, I think there is something great about that. As mentioned my interpretation of the song “Kansas” was very specific to me. It is very unlikely that another random person would have the exact same interpretation of the song that I did. All those unique perspectives could add so much depth to the songs that may include things others didn’t consider.