About Me: Julia Jennings


“I strive to continually learn through every opportunity life hands me”

-Personal Motto: Julia Jennings

Hi readers!

My name is Julia Jennings. I’m a junior at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa studying public relations and magazine media along with a leadership minor. I was born and raised in the Midwest calling Topeka, Kansas my hometown. I couldn’t pass up the chance to experience a big city (at least by Midwest standards) with Midwest charm which is how I ended up studying at Drake.


At Drake, I am involved with Drake’s chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Being a member of PRSSA allows me to gain more practice when it comes to all things PR-related. As well as meet with Drake alumni that have entered the PR field.

I also write for the Drake Mag. As I strive to learn as much as I can about a variety of topics I am open to writing about any topic. However, some topics I hold dear, including entertainment, lifestyle and sustainability.

I am a part of the Crew Scholars Program at Drake. The Crews Scholars Program is a cohort of students of color that promotes our academic and professional success through a supportive network of students and staff. Being Hispanic this group has provided me with a lot of support. It has allowed me to learn more about other cultures. It has also taught me how to create and promote more inclusive and diverse spaces.

I like to think that all the groups I am a part of at Drake sum up the things I care about and hope to implement in my future career.

Interests and Blog Purpose

I love all things media and art-related which has spilled over into many of my interests. I love all things related to movies, TV shows, books, music and more. I also enjoy painting, drawing and writing both fiction and nonfiction pieces. I try to be as creative as possible and learn new things through the creative process.

However, I often find myself going through phases of having no creativity. A quick google search of ways to boost your creativity will almost always recommend exploring different art/media. This leads to the purpose of this blog to review different types of media. Take some inspiration from them and hopefully boost creativity or at least leave you with something to think about.